Anas Zabalawi

Anas has more than 20 years of experience in the interior design and contracting field. He founded WITHIN175 in 2011 in Jordan. Today, WITHIN175 has positioned itself as an elite design house with a recognizable reputation across the Middle East, delivering high-end residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

Anas believes that in the world of art, it is irrelevant how we define design, whether it be by beauty, colors or engineering. What matters the most is how design defines us, and our lives as human beings. In Anas’ eyes, design is a philosophy of mind and soul, a balance between functionality and imagination and a combination between small details and the bigger picture. Design gives meaning to every single moment of our past, present and future.

Anas’ passion for design is driven by his love for life, nature and connecting with fellow human beings from around the globe. Accompanied by a drive to explore new cultures and a strong desire to discover life’s utmost secrets, Anas has adopted a nomadic lifestyle, believing that the best place to be is everywhere. With this vision in mind, Anas has made the decision to take WITHIN175 into cosmopolitan cities, starting with Dubai in 2018 and the world’s hub for designers and architects, London.